Competence Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies (CCFFT)

was founded on June 15th 2004 by Tallinn University of Technology and six partner companies.

CCFFT offers extensive knowledge both in food and fermentation science. The technological base of CCFFT is regarded contemporary and sufficient for carrying out research in the food and fermentation technology field.

Two scientific directions are introduced in the project EU48667:
1st) Development of analytical service platform for bio-food process monitoring and control together with development of systems and synthetic biology platforms for high throughput cell research and design, and
2nd) Development of Food Technologies to support the innovative activities in Estonian food- and biochemical companies.
An objective of the Project is motivate the enterprises to create the innovative products co-operating with R&D institutions and companies.
The project period is 01.07.2015-30.06.2022.
Project is supported by EU Regional Development Fund in sum to 5 697 954,91 EUR.

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