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ÄIO + TFTAK = DigiFoundry

TFTAK is thrilled to partner with ÄIO on the "DigiFoundry - Automated Platform for Precision Fermentation Process Development" project. TFTAK is extending its support to ÄIO in its groundbreaking efforts to develop alternative microbial fats, with the goal of replacing commercial lipids such as palm oil, coconut oil, and animal fats.

Our current food systems contribute to approximately one-third of our carbon footprint. With the global population expected to reach around 9.8 billion by 2050, finding new, sustainable solutions for food production is imperative. The project holds the potential to create tailor-made fats for various industries without depleting essential plant and animal resources, offering a promising solution to the challenges faced by global food systems. It also aims to enhance food security worldwide by reducing dependence on imported exotic oils and fostering growth in the biotechnology industry.

Led by ÄIO, the project focuses on designing a high-throughput cell design platform for developing and testing specialized yeast cells that produce fats with desired characteristics. The novel fats developed in this manner can be incorporated into a wide range of food products, cosmetics, and pet food. TFTAK is leveraging its expertise to evaluate these novel fats chemically, physically, and sensorially, providing valuable insights into their implementation across various product applications.

Consumers stand to benefit from this project as it addresses potential shortages of traditional fats and offers alternatives to the increasing cost and complexity of consuming animal fats. From replacing palm oil in snacks and confectioneries to creating omega-rich blends for fish alternatives or cocoa butter for chocolate production, the possibilities are extensive.

TFTAK is dedicated to supporting ÄIO in its pioneering efforts, hopeful that these endeavors will lead to solutions that offer environmentally responsible, cleaner, and more accessible alternatives on both local and global scales.

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