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TFTAK dry sourdough advances to Top30

TFTAK friend and distributor Vaga Aed made it in the top30 of the idea competition Ajujaht.

Vaga Aed produces and distributes dry sourdough (developed by TFTAK) and green powder of freeze-dried nettle. With dry sourdough we make a revolution in home breadmaking.

Our dry sourdough contain live lactic acid bacteria, such as the traditional sourdough. Bacteria are selected through a careful selection of the flour and the water started in a spontaneous leaven during the upgrade process.

Whole process takes place in just one step. Also, there is no need to leave any small pieces of dough for bread only works for the next bread cooking. Using dry sourdough we can quarantie the stability of the quality of bread.

Our green powder is good supplemet for smoothies, soups, omelettes, etc. Nettle power can be safe way to achieve green color in the food- and pharmaceutical industry.

In collaboration with Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies we find out the correct data and nutrient content of our products. First, we want to succeed in estonia and we will focus Sweden.

Vaga Aed introduction video (in estonian) can be found here.

For more information about the competition, click here.


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