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TFTAK’s most in-depth microbiome study finished!

In January 15 participants started TFTAK’s most in-depth microbiome study to date, named „RUP Tervisekonto“.

Our aim of the study was to investigate the individual health effects of 2 fiber components – beta-glucan and rye bran – and 2 fiber mixes: „Calm Your Rumbly Tummy“ and „Feel Good Inside“ by Elsavie.

The health indicators monitored in the study were the composition of the gut microbiome, various blood markers, body composition and self-reported indicators of emotional well-being. The study was highly individualized, taking into account the lifestyles, travel plans and fluctuations in health of each participant.

On the last day of June – over 5 months after the starting date – 12 brave participants reached the end of the study. By that date, a significant amount of data had been collected. It included about:

  • 500 microbiome samples

  • 100 blood samples

  • 100 body compositions

  • 100 mental health questionnaires

  • 2000 daily food diaries

„RUP Tervisekonto“ study was a big step forward in the science of microbiome, especially from the viewpoint of personalized nutrition and health!

First results from the study should become available in the second half on this year.

„I am an ethusiast of the topic of „microbiome vs health“ and I am also interested in personalized nutrition/ medicine. These personal interests were the main reasons for partcipating in the study. It is very interesting to know what kind of bacteria lives in my gut and how they can support my health.“

– A participant of the study „RUP Tervisekonto“

If you would also like to take part in interesting nutrition studies conducted by TFTAK, you can sign up here.


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