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Functional Foods and Beverages

Healthy and functional food product development in TFTAK

Rising consumer awareness towards the links between our food and health, and food production role in it, has revolutionized the product development of healthy and functional food. As a food innovator, our aim is to fulfil consumer demand and expectations, and help our partners with functional and healthy food product development

Functional Foods



Consumers are constantly seeking new products, especially ones that are healthy and nutritious.


At TFTAK we believe that food can have positive effects on health beyond basic nutrition. Therefore, we use our competencies in functional food development to not only provide an exceptional sensory experience, but also to support an overall sense of wellness.


We can enhance the value of products either via the use of fermentation technologies, by combining different functional ingredients, or by balancing the macronutrient profile.

We offer solutions in the following areas:

  • Developing clean label products

  • Product reformulation: optimizing macronutrient content (fat, sugar, and salt)

  • Fiber-enriched foods (including prebiotics)

  • Protein-enriched foods

  • Foods enriched with vitamins and minerals

  • Probiotic food development

  • Fermented foods with high nutritional value

We have a special focus on fermentation. We study the complex consortia of microorganisms that ferment various raw materials to develop innovative functional foods and beverages.


We try to find the beneficial interactions that result in a rich aroma and taste profile.

Our areas of expertise in fermentation are:

  • Alcoholic beverages

  • Non-alcoholic beverages

  • Fermented vegetables

Success Stories

What have we done

The products we develope have

balanced macronutrient profile, additional functional properties, they are gut-friendly, improve well-being, and healthier lifestyle.

Some product segments we have developed in cooperation with the biggest Estonian food industries:

  • Healthy functional yogurts enriched with fiber 

  • Functional soups enriched with vitamins and minerals 

  • Functional Near Water beverages

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What have recently acheived

EU Horizon Grant 2023

Cooperation with COOP

Best Estonian Food 2022!

The Best Non-Alcoholic Drink in 2022

The Best Milk Product 2022

The Best Food With Added Value

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Functional foods and beverages services team is open for collaboration in challenging projects

"We help customers finalize their wildest product development ideas & dreams – we know the market, trends, ingredient suppliers and technologies."

Rain Kuldjärv, MSc

Functional Foods and Beverages Team Lead

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