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TFTAK Pilot Plant

TFTAK Pilot Plant is constantly growing. We are ready to bring your idea from lab scale to pilot plant and then to production in the industrial level.

Pilot Plant equipment

We help to scale-up in food product development 

Often the idea looks delicious and manageable in a smaller production setting, but scaling up a production level can be challenging. Scale-up in food product development can be made easy in our piloting plant.


No worries, our team will support you further on with technology transfer and implementation of production as well. 

Homogenizer GEA Niro Soavi


Laboratory scale very high-pressure homogenizer that can be used for:

  • Standard for particle size reduction and cell rupture in pharmaceutical and biotech processes

  • Maximum pressure 1500 bar (first step 1-150 bar, second step 150-1500 bar)

  • Longer shelf life

  • Can be easily scaled-up from the lab and pilot systems to commercial size systems

  • Milk, drinks, purees, yogurts (incl. plant-based)

Pasteurizer Armfield FT74XTS


HTST / UHT system is optimized for product-development use. That makes the process easily scalable to production.

  • High temperature short time

  • Temperatures up to 150 ºC

  • Time 2 s –2 min

  • Plate-type and tubular-type heat exchangers

  • Throughputs up to 10 L/h (plate heat exchanger)

  • Optimized for product-development use –easily scalable to production

  • Pasteurizer Armfield FT74XTS

Scraped surface heat exchanger Armfield FT25BA


Continuous ice cream machine for delicious product development.

  • Duplicates full-scale process

  • Fast, accurate new product development

  • Barrel speeds to over 1400 rpm

  • Barrel length 0.35 m, barrel working pressure 3 –10 bar

  • Throughput 20 L/h

Lab mixer Limitech MyMix

This fully scalable 10 L mixer (product volume ca 8 L) lab mixer / cooking kettle gives the same output as a 3000 L mixer – a successful recipe can be transferred to large scale production.

  • Fully scalable

  • 10 L mixer (product volume ca 8 L) gives the same output as a 3000 L mixer – a successful recipe can be transferred to large scale production

  • Indirect heating or direct steam injection

  • The lab mixer is perfect for the following solutions: prepared foods, preserves, dairy, cheese, sauces, spreads, ice cream, desserts, health care, confectionary, etc.

Filtration system

  • Filter library – exchangeable filters

  • Micro-, ultra-, and nanofiltration, reverse osmosis

  • Concentration of liquids, removal of specific compounds (e.g. minerals or lactose), etc.

  • Thickening

  • Fully scalable

Spray dryer GEA Niro Mobile Minor

  • Pilot scale spray dryer for production of milk powder and other powders.

  • Minimum volume 3 L

  • Fountain nozzle

  • Approx. 100-300 g powder / hour

  • Drying conditions 70-250 °C

Freeze dryer HetoPowerdryPL3000

Laboratory scale lyophilizer preserves the highest content of vitamins and is therefore excellent for freeze drying of fruit, vegetables, textured proteins, etc.

  • Maximum volume 3 L

  • Temperature controlled heated plates

  • Condenser -50 ºC

Extruder Brabender KETSE 20/40

With this twin-screw extruder, we can develop new recipes or simulate processes exactly to scale!

  • Low and high moisture extrusion

  • Texturize various materials, such as for example proteins, starch, cereals and pasta

  • Six dosing options along the process area

  • Screw elements can be combined individually

  • Rotational speed of up to 1200 rpm


The extruder offers several options to work with a broad range of raw material to develop exciting final products:

  • Protein extrusion – low and high moisture extrusion

  • Meat alternatives

  • Ingredients – modified flours (e.g. pre-gelatinized flours), modified starch

  • Cereals – chocolate crispies, loop; general breakfast cereals

  • Snacks – crackers, flatbreads

  • Pasta extrusion – short and long pasta

Latest pilot production experiments with
extruder Brabender KETSE

Low moisture extruded pea & oat protein

  • Highly fibrous dry material suitable for a variety of applications

  • Other sources can also be used: soy protein, wheat gluten, fava bean protein, etc

  • Can be used as a minced meat alternative in burgers, meatballs, sauces, fillings, sausages, etc

  • Long shelf life

  • Requires rehydration in water of other liquid

thormiburgeripihv 2022-12-19 TFTAK SIIM5982s.jpg
thormiburgeripihv 2022-12-19 TFTAK SIIM5982s.jpg

High moisture extruded pea & oat protein

  • High moisture meat alternatives

  • Highly fibrous material

  • Other sources can also be used: soy protein, wheat gluten, fava bean protein, etc

  • Can be used as “jerky”, in snacks, burgers, etc

  • Shorter shelf life compared to dry-extruded proteins, but does not require rehydration

  • Nutritional value and texture can be further improved by adding food fiber

Plant-based burger with improved nutritional value

  • Added food fiber

  • High quality plant-based fats

  • Flavor and aroma compounds that resemble meat

  • Emphasis on appearance looks and fries like a beef burger

thormiburgeripihv 2022-12-19 TFTAK SIIM5982s.jpg
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