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Packaging and Shelf-Life

The importance of packaging and safety cannot be underestimated. 

Our team of Shelf-Life Studies and Packaging Solutions at TFTAK helps to assess the stability of food products during storage. We conduct product shelf-life testing in real-life conditions, as well as accelerated shelf-life studies to obtain the estimations in the fastest possible time period.

Food product shelf life analysis and testing


Determination of adequate shelf life is an important aspect for food producers.

On one hand, they must provide to the consumers food that is safe, in accordance with information in labelling and of high sensory quality. On the other hand, underprediction of food product shelf-life analysis and testing results in elimination of products that could be still consumed.

Obviously, this is not economical from the perspective of environment, as well as, food producers. 

Our shelf-life testing facilities enable us to modify storage temperature, humidity, and light. 


To estimate the shelf life of MRE-s (Meals Ready-to-Eat) with a usual shelf life of around 5 years we use accelerated shelf-life studies that can determine quality changes in a product over a 10-month period. In addition to accelerated shelf-life testing used to monitor physical and chemical changes, real-time shelf-life analysis also allows us to determine the microbiological quality parameters of food products. 


Alongside this we can help to find the best packaging solutions for your food products, including the appropriate packaging materials and environments (MAP, vacuum, active packaging). 


Our shelf life and packaging team can help you with the following services: 

  • Shelf-life studies using accelerated and real-time methods 

  • Packaging material selection 

  • Packaging environment selection 

Packaging and Shelf-Life studies team is open for collaboration in new projects

"Product profiling, market mapping and quality control are services that we have mastered to include in our science-based approach to food quality analysis."

Rain Kuldjärv, MSc

Packaging and Shelf-Life Team Lead

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