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TFTAK Services

The departments of Bioprocess Optimization and Food Research, supported by the analytics and metagenomics groups, deal with our focus areas.

Our high level food contract research organization is able to execute even the most challenging ideas. As a food research and development company our focus areas are divided between bioprocess optimization, food research analytics, and metagenomics

Department of Bioprocess Optimization

The Department of Bioprocess Optimization mainly works with:

  • Cultivation and microbial communities research, using high throughput cultivation techniques for bacteria & fungi

  • In vitro & in vivo studies of human gut microbiota and Next Generation Probiotics (NGPs)

  • Bioinformatics, using high throughput metagenomic sequencing of microbial communities

Department of Food Research

Department of Food Research specialists have strong expertise in the following fields of research:

  • Functional Foods and Beverages

  • Meat alternatives

  • Alternative Proteins

  • Dairy Alternatives

  • Cultivation Technology of Filamentous Fungi

  • Sensory and Consumer Science

  • Packaging and Shelf- Life


We have helped our clients to develop

  • Fermented drinks and fermented dairy products

  • Products with added nutritional value

  • Plant-based meat and dairy products

  • General application of plant-based protein sources


When it comes to product-specific problems, we have provided solutions for yogurt syneresis, the selection of suitable starter cultures and enzymes, as well as identifying and removing off-flavors.

Department of Analytics and Metagenomics

Depatment of analytics offers chemical, physical, microbiological and sensory analyses, and offers method development to find solutions to the producers’ specific daily needs while mastering a wide range of techniques:

  • Chemical (GC-MS, GC-O, LC-MS, UPLC-QQQ, etc.)

  • Physical (aw, rheology, TPA, SEM, etc.) analyses

  • Microbiological

  • Sensory analyses


In addition, the Department of Metagenomics has a crucial part in product development, supporting with microbiome analysis and profiling services.

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