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Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

TFTAK specifically focus on valorizing regional crops into nutritious and delicious meat analogues.

Our meat alternative team has extensive knowledge on development of plant-based meat alternatives starting from conceptualization, selection of the best raw materials, processing methods, texturization and formulation of end products.

Meat Alternatives

Extruding Technologies


Some of the examples in our portfolio include oat, pea, fava bean and hemp proteins. We are using a Brabender Ketse twin-screw extruder to give textural properties to the developed products. We are working with both low and high moisture extrusion technologies to produce alternatives to different minced and fillet type products to either mimic beef, chicken, or fish characteristics. We can develop extrudates with the desired properties in terms of strength, elasticity, and fibrousness together with water- and oil-retention qualities meeting any specific requirements.


Our product development team uses their vast knowledge to formulate prototypes combining fats, binders, and seasoning. We aim to provide solutions for different product categories including burgers, sausages, and whole-cuts. We know the processes and monitor the flavor development in each step to guarantee the desired appearance, texture, and taste. All our development is performed in close collaboration with consumers to determine market trends and include them into the development process to obtain feedback at every step.

Why cooperate with us? 

In TFTAK we have:

  • Science-based approach, with in-depth knowledge of the market, ingredient suppliers, and technologies

  • New innovative alternatives for meat products from proteins sourced from plants, insects, or via fermentation


Technologies and Equipment


Key technologies and equipment in TFTAK:

  • Full development service and support from: Idea | Lab | Pilot | Production scale

  • Full characterization of the prototype products: Chemical | Physical | Sensory | Microbiological

  • Protein extraction technologies

  • Low and high moisture extrusion

  • Masking technologies for improved flavour

  • Chemical analyses and physical characterization

  • Aroma formation and testing

  • Packaging and shelf-life studies

  • Sensory studies with trained panel

  • Post-processing technologies and end-product formulations

  • Dietary intervention and consumer studies

Case Study

What have we done

First we developed the base components using the extruder Brabender Ketse:

  • low moisture extruded pea and oat protein

  • high moisture extruded pea and oat protein


Delicious and nutritious burger - plant-based meat alternative made of pea and oat protein: 70% pea protein isolate + 30% oat protein concentrate is suitable for a wide variety of products.


The developed plant-based burger stands out with its:

  • improved nutritional value

  • added fiber

  • high quality plant-based fats and, last but not least

  • flavor and aroma compounds that resemble meat

hernevalk 2022-12-19 TFTAK SIIM6031s.jpg
hernevalk 2022-12-19 TFTAK SIIM6047s.jpg
thormiburgeripihv 2022-12-19 TFTAK SIIM5970s.jpg


What have recently acheived

XPRIZE finalist 2023

GFI Research Grants 2019 & 2022

Best Estonian Food 2022

  • award for the plant-based burger

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Meat alternatives team is open for collaboration in challenging projects

"TFTAK's pilot-scale laboratory enables us to validate the recipes and thechnologies for easier implementation in our customers production facilities."

Sirli Rosenvald, PhD

R&D Director

Food Science

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