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Call for participants! New dietary intervention study in TFTAK!

Something special is about to start in October 2022!

TFTAK in cooperation with Siidirkoda (Kodas) is starting a dietary intervention study with brand new surprising products.

We invite you to participate in the study! It is an ideal opportunity to learn more about your health, contribute to research, product development and try out new products!

  • What? A nutritional study of high-fiber smoothies.

  • How? According to the study schedule, participant eats a 150ml smoothie 2 times a day, fills in a food diary and gives samples (blood + microbiome) 5 times at a fixed times (it is also necessary to visit TFTAK) during the study period of 2.5 months.

  • When? 06.10-20.12.2022

  • How long? The study lasts a total of 2.5 months

  • Why? You can try new smoothies first and get an overview of your health. You will receive a comprehensive report on the basic indicators of your microbiome with recommendations for maintaining gut health.

  • To whom? The study is suitable for those who are not vegans or followers of dietary extremes and live in Tallinn or the surrounding area (due to the convenience of giving samples).

  • Next? To apply for the study, you need to fill out a questionnaire by September 26, 2022 at the latest (select Participate once), which will help us determine your health profile and suitability for the study group HERE.

Think about your autumn-winter plans and if you feel like you want to take the next step for your health, feel free to apply for the survey!

More information from Ann Jõeleht ann.joeleht (@)


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