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TFTAK at Bridge2Food as XPRIZE finalist!

Come and taste the future!

#teamTFTAK is participating at #XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion competition where the goal is to develop fish fillet alternatives from pea protein. We have been working on this for the last three years and, for the first time ever, we are ready to serve the outcome at Bridge2Food conference!


Come and taste the future! And that’s not it! The project lead, Dr Sirli Rosenvald gives an insightful presentation about our XPRIZE journey – from first idea, about different challenges we have faced during the marathon and where we have arrived by today! It has been in a way long marathon but also short enough to give the team applause for all the great work they have done!


We are now at the finish line! We have made it from the pre-selections to semifinals and from semifinals to finals – among the top seven selected companies! A few more weeks to go to send the final product to the jury and then a few more months to go until the final event!


So, if you are somewhere around Bridge2Food conference (4.-6. June 2024 in Hague, The Netherlands) and we are happy to give you to taste the product we have developed!


Bridge2Food brings together the world's leading and most innovative alternative protein creators. Their mission is to achieve global food sustainability for future generations to come, without compromising on food experience. They connect professionals across the value chain, building alternative protein communities who share this goal, to build a better food world.


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