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Awarded Foods Come from TFTAK!

The Best Estonian food takes place every year in March and for the last 30 years in a row, food producers all over the country send their new products to this competition where the evaluation committee gives their opinion and only the best products get awarded.

The year 2024 has been honoring for TFTAK. With three of our good partners, we won in three categories. We are very happy and proud that food development and innovation in TFTAK helps companies to surprise their customers, reach their goals, and of course, get awarded. Congratulations to #teamTFTAK group lead Rain Kuldjärv and his great functional foods group – all the awards are developed in their team!

The awards this year for TFTAK:

  • The Best Vegetable product is Kimchi (in cooperation with Kadarbiku Köögivilii OÜ). Kadarbiku kimchi is made from Estonian cabbage, and kohlrabi is used in the composition of the product as a novelty. The product is unheated and contains live lactic acid bacteria, fiber and vitamin C. Fermented or, in simpler words, acidified products are gaining more and more popularity in the world due to both taste and healthiness. One box of kimchi contains over a billion lactic acid bacteria that support gut health!

  • The Best Ready-to-Eat Product – Mamma Oat-Orange Pancakes (in cooperation with Saarioinen Eesti OÜ). Pancakes are ready to be eaten anywhere at any time. Oat-orange pancakes from Mamma's ready meals series are made from oat flour, bran, and velvety Greek yogurt to which aromatic orange puree is added. So they are also good for people who avoid wheat flour products. Inulin has been added to the pancakes, which helps maintain a feeling of fullness and positively affects the intestinal microflora, making the product a source of fiber. The resealable pack-type packaging allows the product to be conveniently carried and consumed in various situations.

  • The 2024 Best Product from a Small Enterprise in Southern Estonia is FIBES fiber-rich puree (in cooperation with KODAS OÜ). The natural puree uses a research-based enriched fiber mixture that has a positive effect on the health of a person's intestines and overall well-being. The puree is produced on an innovative and unique production line working on the principle of circular economy, which allows the juice pressing residues to be pureed simultaneously with the juice production.

Congratulations to everyone involved and we are ready for next innovation projects!


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