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Looking for - Senior Researcher!

Senior Researcher specializing in Filamentous Fungi Fermentation - join #teamTFTAK!

We are seeking a highly skilled SENIOR RESEARCHER specializing in FILAMENTOUS FUNGI FERMENTATION to join our Bioprocesses team to develop and optimize cultivation processes and mycoprotein production workflows.

  • Design and execute cutting-edge research and experimentation, using the knowledge of fungal metabolism and physiology.

  • Identify the ways to improve filamentous fungi fermentation processes to foster biomass growth and protein production.  

  • Analyze and optimize fermentation processes for enhanced productivity. 

  • Collaborate with a dynamic team in a supportive work environment. 

You have an impact. With science and smart technology, we are creating the innovation in biotechnology and food industry. Our modern office and laboratory is conveniently located at the Technopol Science and Business Park in Tallinn, Estonia. You will have a bunch of supportive and inspiring colleagues to help you settle in and enjoy our active office life.

Read more from HERE and ask for more from personal(@)!


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