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Contest for the best vegan products

“The Best Vegan Product” will be selected in collaboration between Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies and the Vegan magazine and the results of first categories will be published in the next issue already in February.

Preparations for the contest started already in summer in tight collaboration between Rain Kuldjärv and his team from the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies and Vegan magazine to ensure the quality control for the evaluation process and the results.

For each product category, there is a separate Expert Committee with 14 members. All experts have a background in the food industry, research institutions or as food lab professionals and they have undergone specific training before taking the assessment. Customer’s favorite will be voted in public shopping centers by customers.

The best products will receive a special leaf-mark. Golden, silver and bronze leaves are the winners of the category. Customer’s favorite will be awarded the green leaf.

The Vegan magazine will add a new heading, “Leaf-mark products,” from February where five best from several categories will be announced to the reader together with the expert’s comments about different characteristics like taste, flavor, appearance, etc.

The aim of the contest is to introduce vegan products as a tasty alternative to the animal-based food, to support customers and make it easier for them to add vegan products into their everyday diet, promote the vegan producers and improve the trust towards vegan products. The organizers also hope that the initiative will encourage retail stores to choose more vegan products into their selection.

All entrepreneurs are welcome to offer their products for the contest by contacting tunnustus (@)


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