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Estonians are trying to save the planet with meat substitutesMay 12, 2017

TFTAK is cooperating with EthicoFoods, a company aiming to develop high-quality and tasty meat substitutes.

The CEO of EthicoFoods, Anu Menon, explained that they want the meat-eaters to still get the satisfaction associated with eating meat. Thus, they’ve tried to create the taste and texture of meat – the primary goal is to get more carnivores to eat the food of vegetarians. The meatballs of EthicoFoods consist of pea and brown rice proteins, which mimics the nutritional value and protein content of real meat. For texture the team is trying to replicate the texture of chicken.

The market of meat substitutes is driven by factors such as increasing health awareness among the consumers, meat adulteration, environmental issues, and various health benefits associated with plant-based meat substitutes. High growth potential in the emerging markets and untapped regions provides new growth opportunities for the market players.

Article about our cooperation partners (in Estonian) is accessible here.

About the market trends, read more here.


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