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TFTAK moves to brand new lab!

It’s time and it is finally really happening! TFTAK is moving to brand new lab and office space. Our current space was amazing. Especially 10 years ago when we moved here (in 2012), and our team was around 50 people. The facility was new, there was enough space for everyone. But… we have grown! By 2022 our team exceeded magical number of 100 colleagues and finally we were too many for these lab and office rooms. Even the lab equipment did not fit well on those square meters.

The plan to take the next step was born already a few years ago. When we knew that a brand new building will be built in the neighborhood we were sure that this is the goal we want to reach – move to new facilities by the end of 2022. And we did it! A fun fact to know – TFTAK has now moved 3 times (the company is 18 years old) and all the lab spaces have been in 200m radius – it’s like a perfect spot on the planet for us, just in slightly different and newer buildings).

We now have 2.5 times more room to fit around 120 teamTFTAK members. We have (at least now) good space for lab equipment, and everything looks super nice, clean, and organized.

With our lab manager we are implementing the best lab practices, we have more room for common events with our whole team – we will have Christmas gathering in our biggest seminar room, we have weekly FIKAs with something good baked on the spot, we have amazing view all over the neighborhood and we have many partners visiting us. We are happy and excited to do more and more research and development in food and fermentation technologies.


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