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TFTAK scientists are growing valuable bacteria for a french giant

Systems biology and synthetic biology have become an important part of research and optimisation of food and biotechnological processes.

The defining feature of systems biology is that it takes into account all the important molecules in the design of new cells and in optimisation of processes. It does this through the use of complex modelling methods and high throughput ´omics´ methods.

Processes inside humans and also taste preferences can be associated with the cells and molecules in our body. It can be said that the 21st century has generated completely new biology that also opens new opportunities for the industry.

TFTAK examines the lactic acid bacteria used for producing different types of dairy products – yeasts, by the means of which, for example, bread and beer is made. Part of this work is performed within the framework of contractual work with DuPont, Lallemand and other international as well as Estonian companies.

This presumes detailed knowledge of metabolism and composition of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts – approximately 10 000 chemical reactions take place in micro-organisms simultaneously. Typical 21st century biology must certainly consider at least thousand of them if we want to understand and optimise the production of food and cells.

In addition, TFTAK has successfully researched and developed novel cheese and rye bread production technologies, supported ice-cream and cider product development, created new recipes for functional foods and herb mixes. TFTAK cooperates with more than 40 industrial enterprises from different countries.


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