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Cooperation with TFTAK was awarded with the prize

In this year’s “Estonian Best Food” competition the Best Drink from the Southern Estonia in the category of small enterprises, was held to a small company Siidrikoda OÜ’s product Mimikri . This great cider has been developed in collaboration with researchers at the Center of Food and Fermentation Technology.

Mimikri is an excellent fermented cider. It’s flavors and fragrances are polished in collaboration with researchers with the finest detail during the carefully planned production process.

Mimikri has already attracted expert attention. Mimikri earned a gold medals last year at the International Cider Challenge. The drink stared out with a particularly pure pear aromas, though made purely from apple juice.

Beverage product development at TFTAK The Center of Food and Fermentation Technology has a strong competence in fermented beverage development and optimization of fermentation processes, aside of other food technology sectors.

In the production of beverages, there has been an explosive development around the world in recent years. Existing products are constantly updated and improved. Many new producers have entered the market, offering a wide range of products: table and mineral water, flavored water, soft drinks and lean spirits.

Read about TFTAK’s food products development here. We offer product development and consumer research for various beverages, as well as helping to solve the problems associated with odor and smell. in addition we carry out comprehensive chemical analyzes to describe the composition and find the best packages and storing conditions to the products.


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