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Estonian National Contest for University Students

One of the award recipients is also from the ranks of TFTAK – Kaspar Mooses. In the field of bio- and environmental sciences he received an award for the work: “Optimization of soy and rice protein hydrolysis for production of organic yeasts”.

The aim of the national contest for university students is to promote research among university students, stimulate them to be more active and to acknowledge students who have achieved outstanding results with their thesis, study, research or scientific publication.

The contest is open for all students studying in Estonia (including foreign students studying in Estonia) and Estonian citizens studying abroad. Research papers can be submitted on all university levels: applied higher education and bachelor’s studies; master’s studies; doctoral studies.

Objectives of the contest are to:

  • raise appreciation for R&D among the students

  • stimulate the activities of students in the field of R&D

  • acknowledge students and groups of students who have achieved outstanding results in R&D

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