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TFTAK at XPRIZE semifinal in Dubai

#teamTFTAK participates at XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion competition and has successfully arrived in the semi-finals that took place in Abu Dhabi (in February 2023). The head of our alternative proteins team, Dr Sirli Rosenvald and Mark Rohtaru successfully presented and served the alternative salmon fillet they have developed during the past months.

XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion is a multi-year, $15M competition that will incentivize teams to produce chicken breast or fish fillet alternatives that replicate or outperform conventional chicken and fish in: access, environmental sustainability, animal welfare, nutrition, as well as taste and texture.

Sirli comments about the project: “We are focusing on Nordic crops like oat, pea, and fava beans to develop advanced plant-based prototypes. As a result, our aim is to reduce the addition of unsustainable and allergenic sources like soy and gluten. In our laboratory we use a broad range of different methods like extrusion, fermentation, enzymatical treatments combined with analytics and sensory methodologies to achieve delicious, nutritious, and sustainable analogue product.”

During the semi-finals time in AUE, the Estonian Embassy in Abu Dhabi with the ambassador, Mr Jaan Reinhold welcomed us with a reception. It is a good to know that Estonia stands strongly behind food science and innovation.

We are now excited and waiting for the news who from the selected 28 semi-finalists will be chosen to the top 10 finalists! Our fingers are crossed!


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