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TFTAK has started a new project: CoFerm

On December 27th the two-year project “Platform establishment for optimizing probiotic microbial consortia industrial production: CoFerm” was approved to get support from European Regional Development Fund.

The project aims to develop a platform that will allow the effective development of growth conditions and environments for consortia manufacturing. CoFerm focuses on human gut bacteria and demonstrates the production of 25 common human gut microbiota species. The technology will allow us to provide support for companies that develop microbial therapeutics.

Research on human gut communities has significantly intensified in recent years. Bringing the new generation probiotics to the market is an important next step and we are confident that our platform will help to make the industrial production processes more effective.

Our Microbial Bioprocessing experts have already started the work on the project. “We are excited to discover the secrets of inter species interactions and microbial behavior in communities.” said the lead of the project Anna Kattel.

The project is partially funded by Enterprise Estonia. Project 2014-2020.4.02.21-0406.


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