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TFTAK in DOMINO research project

Back to the roots? Yes! But now together with science! #teamTFTAK is excited to be part of

DOMINO, a research project funded by Horizon Europe, that seeks to attribute health benefits to traditional fermented foods and develop innovative plant-based fermented foods that cater to the evolving societal demands for healthier and more sustainable nourishment.

What does it mean? It means collaboration between:

  • 19 partners

  • 10 countries

  • top universities

  • research centers

  • expert non-profit organizations

  • private sector

Our role? #TFTAK will develop new healthy products based on fermented vegetables and participate in the Living Labs to attract stakeholders to the DOMINO network. Our mission is to explore the microbial communities of fermented vegetables and bring new products to the markets across Europe.

The project is funded by Horizon Europe, coordinated by INRAE and lasts for 5 years from 2023 to 2028. The project allows DOMINO to meet the combination of challenges and skills, ranging from microbial ecology to computational biology, human nutrition, social sciences, and business innovation!

The project's primary objectives are as follows:

  • To investigate the impact of fermented food consumption on the gut microbiome and its potential health benefits for consumers. DOMINO aims to examine the health effects of a fermented food-based diet on both healthy individuals and adults with metabolic syndrome. Through a longitudinal human nutritional trial using milk kefir, a widely consumed traditional animal-based fermented food, researchers will assess health biomarkers and determine whether milk kefir consumption leads to changes in the gut microbiome and improvements in clinical outcomes.

  • To transition from animal-based to plant-based products while promoting environmentally sustainable food sources without compromising nutritional value. The project will showcase that sustainable and nutritionally sound solutions can be achieved by developing innovative fermented food products. Six food case studies, representing a diverse range of plant-based fermented food prototypes such as fermented table olives, fermented vegetables, fermented cereal-based foods, fermented legumes, apple pomace, and plant-based kefir, will be conducted to demonstrate this approach.

  • To involve relevant stakeholders in the co-creation and validation of products, tools, methods, and recommendations, ensuring their societal relevance. DOMINO recognizes the importance of engaging key stakeholders in the collaborative development and validation of products, tools, methods, and recommendations. This inclusive approach aims to ensure that the project's outcomes meet the needs and preferences of society.

"This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101060218."

Thank you for this opportunity! TFTAK is ready to give our devoted input into this project and initiative!


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