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TFTAK at Opinion Festival!

Opinion Festival took place on 12.-13. August 2022 in Paide. A small town in the middle of Estonia has gathered people from government and non-governmental organizations, cultural figures, entrepreneurs, universities, journalists, citizens.

The Opinion Festival is a meeting place for all layers of society, giving a platform for different worldviews. Its mission is to improve debate culture and civic education. The Festival is free of charge and open to everyone in Estonia and beyond who would like to discuss and tackle issues that matter for all of us.

Two festival days are filled with super tight programme to meet face to face to share topics and point of views that we really care about. TFTAK cares and for the second year in a row, we were part of a panel discussion.

This year, #teamTFTAK food scientist Rain Kuldjärv discussed “What do we eat during crisis?”.

Other panelists at this discussion were:

  • Triin Kõrgmaa (CEO of Salvest)

  • Urmas Kruuse (Minister of Rural Affairs)

  • Ruve Schank (former advisor of FAO)

The discussion was about how to ensure the food security in the event of a pandemic, war, or natural disaster? What alternative options for food production are already being explored? What can the state do to ensure that high-quality food reaches people in a crisis? What can entrepreneurs do? The talk was about concerns that may hit us soon. What is happening in the field of food innovation. This panel was organized by Estonian Research Council. The recording of this panel discussion can be found and heard from here.

Opinion Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary, and it is important to mention, that the festival is green and environmentally friendly.

You are warmly welcome to join the festival next year, 11.-12. August 2023!


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